Garden Design & Installation

Beautifying Your Yard

At The Village Gardens, we understand that every customer is different and strive to offer personalized services catered to your specific preferences. Whether you are in need of a completely new garden installation or you would like to plant specific flowers for each season, we can help. Our designer takes a collaborative approach to work with you throughout the process. We establish a design you’re satisfied with before our crew starts in on the installation.

We can design and install a wide range of different gardens, such as:

  • Fall gardens
  • Walkway gardens
  • Sidewalk garden
  • Garden under deck
  • Retaining wall garden
  • Garden under arch
  • Front garden
  • Meditation garden
  • Shade garden
  • Flower garden

Our landscaping experts have decades of experience and can help you to enhance your outdoor space. We select healthy plants to ensure that your garden will not just survive but thrive throughout the year. Contact us today at (410) 549-8788 to request a free estimate!